Grilled Flank Steak Salad

This recipe is the perfect solution for the leftover meat next time you grill flank steak! Don’t you just LOVE a perfectly grilled, juicy flank steak? I could easily eat it once a week! One of my favorite things about making a flank steak is that there are always ample leftovers, and it tastes even better on day two! So I typically make stir fry, fajitas or a delicious salad the day after. This particular salad recipe is hands-down my fave because I {Read More}

Super Yummy Jalapeno Cilantro Cole Slaw

I’m all about tasty, healthy salads all summer long. I love combining flavors and textures. I don’t know about you, but I usually prefer old favorites with some twist to them like this one. Keeps things more interesting! Plus it’s easier to create meals that are good for you. BTW, if you want to watch me make this, check out this Periscope replay on! This Jalapeño Cilantro Cole Slaw recipe is a twist on the old favorite — light and refreshing (no mayo) {Read More}

Southwestern Chopped Salad with a Kick!

I love the Spring! Especially all the amazing produce that starts flooding into the farmers market and the local grocery stores. We tend to eat a bit lighter in the Spring than we do in the Winter, perhaps because of those veggies and that we love to grill outside when the evenings are warm. Last night, I put together one of my favorite salads I’ve been making for years, my Southwestern Chopped Salad with a Kick. Not only is it light and {Read More}

Inspired Summer Market Salad

Scroll down for ingredients of this perfect summer salad! Last weekend Tom and I headed to Newport Beach to relax and escape the heat of Palm Desert. It was there that I found one of my new, favorite restaurants, True Food Kitchen! My dear husband wanted to eat somewhere near the beach, but I had been daydreaming about this place that promised fresh, nutritious food that “my palate would remember.” When we arrived we immediately loved the decor, starting with {Read More}