Cheers to Stress-Free Entertaining with Holiday Sangria

Entertain Stress Free this holiday season with Wente Vineyards Southern Hills Cabernet and Holiday Sangria   When the temperatures begin to cool a bit, I start day dreaming about holiday entertaining. I love to throw a good party… it’s a passion of mine! I revel in the details of an intimate gathering of friends and family that makes everyone feel special and appreciated. The key to hosting an event that blesses others but doesn’t leave you frazzled is planning. Simple, intentional party planning {Read More}

Winter Cranberry Martini

This Winter Cranberry Martini is such a beautiful signature cocktail to serve at your holiday party! Thinking about what signature cocktail to serve at your upcoming holiday parties? I’ve got just the recipe for both your Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings! It’s easy to make, absolutely delicious, and beautiful to boot. The secret that makes this martini so dang good is the cranberry-infused simple syrup. (I was inspired by Swooned Magazine, but changed it up to make it my own.) I {Read More}

July 4th Cocktail: Berry Coconut Spritz

Every holiday deserves a specialty drink, don’t ya think? Of course! So I have for you today the perfect July 4th cocktail, a Berry Coconut Spritz. AND… just because I like special little touches when I entertain, I even made a sign announcing to your family and friends that you have a specialty cocktail available. You can print it out for free! Yes, it has coconut rum… Malibu, to be exact. I think everything tastes better with a little Malibu! {Read More}

Party-Pleasing New Year’s Eve Signature Cocktail

Introducing the Pomegranate Fizz New Year’s Eve signature cocktail. I served it at a Christmas Party last week. Most people tried it. I think they all loved it. Because all of it’s fixin’s were gone within an hour! Now that I’ve told you how much everyone loved it, I’ll let you in on the fact that it includes gin. Hang on for a second if you aren’t a gin drinker! It’s a very special gin called Hendrick’s Gin, and it {Read More}