Pistachio-Crusted Chicken from HelloFresh

Pistachio-Crusted Chicken! Sponsored by HelloFresh. I LOVE to cook. For me, it’s part of being the creative soul that I am. I can’t really explain why I adore chopping, dicing, preparing, and garnishing. But I do know that at some level it’s all very therapeutic for me. And the more ingredients and the healthier the meal, the more I love the process! But some days I get so busy in my business that I don’t have time to decide what to make, {Read More}

Delicious Nutritious Green Smoothie!

This Green Smoothie is chock full of nutrients to fuel your body! One of the easiest ways I get all the daily veggies my body needs is by enjoying a green smoothie or two. There are so many benefits of drinking green smoothies, including: weight loss/maintenance, increased fiber intake for colon health, antioxidents for optimal health and fitness, mental clarity and focus, increased energy, clearer skin, and minerals for healthy bones.  This smoothie is so quick and easy to make. I just {Read More}

Walnut Coconut Cocoa Bites

Tom and I are closing in on the end of week three of the Paleo Challenge. I have to be honest… I’m loving it! Surprisingly, I really haven’t felt deprived. But Tom has a little bit. Gotta make my man happy, so today I’ve made him a little treat. Walnut coconut cocoa bites. AND best of all, this treat is paleo approved! Even though it is approved, it is not highly recommended to eat many during the challenge because of the {Read More}

Inspired Summer Market Salad

Scroll down for ingredients of this perfect summer salad! Last weekend Tom and I headed to Newport Beach to relax and escape the heat of Palm Desert. It was there that I found one of my new, favorite restaurants, True Food Kitchen! My dear husband wanted to eat somewhere near the beach, but I had been daydreaming about this place that promised fresh, nutritious food that “my palate would remember.” When we arrived we immediately loved the decor, starting with {Read More}