A Merry Yacht Life and Mistletoe Mojitos!

A Merry Yacht Life and Mistletoe Mojitos!   It’s been just over a year since Tom and I purchased our humble but adorable “yacht” in San Diego. She’s a 35-foot, 1983 Bayliner cabin cruiser, and we aptly christened her Sea Y’all! in homage to my southern roots and our many years in Texas! Y’ALL!!! It’s SO MUCH FUN living the yacht life in San Diego! So much fun, in fact, that we make the two and a half hour drive {Read More}

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Monterey + Free Packing List Printable

On my summer trip short list: visit Monterey, California. Learn about what we’re looking forward to most! It’s starting to heat up here in the California desert and I’m itching to get away! Pretty soon we’ll start our three- to four-month-long string of days over 100 degrees. So what’s a girl (and her guy) to do? E-S-C-A-P-E! Thankfully, we are blessed to live in a state that offers plenty of good times and adventure, so we hop in our cute, blue {Read More}

10 Ways to Make the Best of the Empty Nest

Entering the empty nest phase of life can be heart-wrenching, liberating or a little bit of both. You can spend the next 20 years in a routine of working and watching T.V. Or, you can choose to make the best of your empty nest! The best way to do this is to start BEFORE the nest is empty. Think about ways you and your spouse can life purposely and with great joy and adventure once the kiddos are dropped off at their {Read More}

Is Your Nest About to Be Empty?

It’s that time of year again… College freshmen packing up, ready to move into the dorm at the school they’ve been daydreaming about all summer long. The excitement is growing. Adventure and fun await! But then there are mom and dad, left staring at each other in the empty nest. How did this happen? What shall we do? For some couples, the void in the empty nest can feel huge.  Suffocating. Like a black hole that might just swallow them up.  But {Read More}

The Bucket List

  Tom and I recently learned that our beloved, 11-year-old Cairn Terrier, Pumbaa, has cancer. It’s really not treatable because it’s in his nasal passage and has already spread into the bone. We are simply devastated. Pumbaa is the perky, cheerful, adventurous peacekeeper of the Tabler family. He’s also fearless and would go after a dog three or four times his size to “protect” us. He is ever patient with his brother, Rowdie, and all his silly antics. He has even allowed {Read More}

Manners with Mema

Sometime in the mid 1950s, my grandmother, Nancy Helm Weaks, self published a book: Dig These Crazy Manners! I don’t believe I ever saw it while she was still alive. Instead I found it as I sifted through the mementos of her life well lived after her funeral eight years ago. This little book is a GEM! Not only was Mema a clever writer and an expert on impeccable manners, she was also an illustrator and had beautiful handwriting. Mema {Read More}