7 Blog Post Ideas for Days You’re Frazzled!

  You know those days (sometimes weeks) that I’m talking about. I’m currently in a little season like that. My youngest son is getting married in two weeks! I’ve been using all my creative juices on rehearsal dinner and wedding details, so — yes — I’ve been frazzled and in need of some inspiration. Here are seven of my favorite ideas. 1. Create a List. (Like this one!) Ideas: List your top 10 favorite recipes/destinations/cocktails. Write your bucket list or {Read More}

Amp Up Your Instagram

  Instagram can be a blogger’s best friend, but many bloggers are unsure how to maximize their efforts on this platform. Or why they should even bother. Yet there are many compelling reasons to incorporate Instagram in your social media mix.  Instagram can be used quite effectively to develop your brand. It can generate interest in your blog and has the potential to drive significant traffic your way.  Here are six tips to amp up your Instagram this week. 1) Strategically use hashtags. These {Read More}

3 Tips to Increase Engagement on Facebook

Do you wish your Facebook page had better engagement? Are you doing all you can to optimize your posts? The simple truth is that how and when you post on Facebook has a huge impact on how your fans will respond to your content. Today I will share with you three ways to better optimize your posts and thus increase engagement.  1. Post at the right time for your audience. I know. This sounds like a no-brainer. But if you are like me, {Read More}

10 Practical Tips For New Bloggers (From A New Blogger)

You’ve got your blog designed and ready to go. Maybe you have even written a post or two. While researching tips for new bloggers, you suddenly realize there are about a million things you are being advised to do with your new little piece of blogosphere real estate. It’s impossible to do it all, so where do you start? I officially started blogging three months ago today. Definitely STILL a newbie! I’ve immersed myself in the world of blog writing and {Read More}