Simply Adorable Halloween Cupcakes

I hope these Halloween Cupcakes provide inspiration for your own cute creations!

YUMMM! These Halloween Cupcakes are gorgeous!!!

I’m gonna be honest. I’m really not a baker. And that’s an understatement! The motto for my desserts is that they always TASTE better than they LOOK. So I have a few favorites I’ve mastered. Or at least that I’ve made often enough that I don’t completely mess them up. So wasn’t I lucky to get two daughters-in-law (Shandi and Rachel) who love to bake and are extremely talented and creative to boot? Yes, I am! And, I’m excited to share that Shandi recently starting a baking business in San Antonio: The White Kitten Bakes.

The White Kitten Bakes

If you live in the San Antonio area, she’s your go-to girl the next time you need incredibly tasty and creative cupcakes or cakes! And even if you don’t live in Texas, stop by The White Kitten Bakes on Facebook and check out her amazing treats. (and of course, LIKE her page!)

I could no more make cupcakes and cakes with fondant than fly to the moon, but Shandi can! Here are some of her Halloween creations.

Simply Adorable Halloween Cupcakes! And they taste as wonderful as they look!

I love these Halloween cupcakes! I think the mummy and the black cat are my faves. Love this spider, too. 

Super cute spider cupcake for Halloween!

Just today, Shandi made this precious Frankenstein Cake. Too cute!

Frankenstein Cake

I’m a little bit jealous. 🙂 Maybe she’ll teach me how to do this one day? 


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Andrea Tabler


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  1. These are so cute, Andrea. I love the frankenstein. Good job!

  2. Liked her FB page and shared her business card that you designed…I have family and friends in Texas, so I hope it helps!!

  3. I love these, she’s really talented. I think I have plenty of inspiration for my own cupcakes now 🙂 #wonderfulwednesday

  4. Great cupcake decor ideas here. Love that mummy!