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Are you ready to create calm and organization out of the chaos and clutter of life? It all starts with my simple tools to help you determine your Primary Priorities and the Pivotal Goals you must accomplish to live the intentional life you desire and aspire to!

I created this easy-to-use process to organize my OWN home, life, and business and to help me stay focused on the priorities that are most important to me. And guess what? It works! This system has successfully enabled me to live my life with purpose: both as the household manager and as an entrepreneur.

It’s Time to End the Chaos Once and For All!

About My Intentional Life

Life can feel so chaotic and crazy sometimes! I know from personal experience. And this busy-ness is is not confined to just specific seasons of life. I’ve experienced this battle in ALL seasons of life! There’s cleaning, shopping, quiet time with God, organizing the kids’ lives, exercising, running a business or household AND managing the whole household.

With all these demands, it is easy to lose sight of the life priorities that mean the most to us!

What we need is a system, a plan to help us cut through the chaos and the overwhelm so that we can successfully manage all the details of life, do the things we enjoy most, and, AT THE SAME TIME, live out our life priorities. 

Simply put, My Intentional Life is the system that does exactly that!

How Does It Work?

A personal inventory and monthly progress sheets help you to identify what matters to you most and stay on track in your efforts to live more intentionally.

Then I share how to use my daily planning sheet to put it all into practice. No more guessing where to start each day. Or allowing life’s emergencies and urgencies dictate what you accomplish. It’s not complex. In fact it’s quite simple when you have the right system and tools!

While identifying and writing down your priorities and goals is a HUGE step in the right direction, the My Intentional Life plan provides you with even more tools to achieve success. I found that in my own life, I lacked some of the basic organizational skills that would aid in my intentional-living success.

So I created more than 45 printables to fit into My Intentional Life binder. Each printable helps me to stay organized and on top of clutter and potential chaos.

Here’s what My Intentional Life includes:

Instant digital download

The grocery list stays in my binder until I’m ready to head to the store.

The fact that all this critical information lives together in one binder truly simplifies all the important details in my life.

Of course, some of printables have more than one home. For instance, the cleaning schedule can also work on the refrigerator or framed with a dry erase pen to update and assign tasks.

I’m REALLY excited about my Special Dates printable. I’m so bad about remembering to send birthday cards and gifts! Now I have one handy place to keep all those special dates and occasions.

Even though I keep some of this information online or on my iPhone, I’ve found that having it all together in a binder helps my efforts to consistently stay organized. 

When you purchase My Intentional Life, you will receive a link to download a pdf file with the entire system of tools and printables. Simply print on an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper, punch your holes, and place in your favorite binder!

Make this your year to start living life with more intention and purpose! 

My Intentional Finance section has radically changed our money and banking  management. 

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About the Creator

Hi! I'm Andrea, a lifestyle blogger, business builder and author of the My Intentional Life plan. At, I love sharing all things creative... from entertaining and recipes to DIY and crafts. I also throw in some style ideas and tips, empty nest adventures and inspiration/faith stories for good measure!

When I'm not working on a creative project, I provide bloggers and entrepreneurs with the skills and tools to live a life with more intention and purpose so that they can strategically reach their goals. I've been amazingly blessed in my time as a blogger, and I want to help empower others to be bold, jump in, and successfully build their own brand!

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