How I Monetized My Blog with Multiple Income Streams

In 2016 I was able to monetize my blog with multiple streams of income, all because of  $1K1Day!

How I was able to monetize my blog with MULTIPLE streams of income... and YOU can TOO!

 When I started blogging almost two years ago, I dreamed of building a business — not a hobby. I had no mentor, no roadmap. I faithfully wrote and posted several times a week, and three months into the adventure, I was asked to write my first sponsored post! I was thrilled, and I still am each time I receive such an opportunity.

But friends, that’s just one way to monetize your business. Blogging requires tremendous time and effort… sometimes I feel like I could work around the clock and still not get it all done! But what I can do — and have done — is to add a variety of streams of income to Tabler Party of Two. Some of these income streams even earn me money while I’m asleep! That’s called passive income. It’s my favorite kind of income, and you can earn it that way, too! 🙂

How did I learn how to add multiple streams of income to monetize my blog? 

I enrolled in the $1k1Day Academy, created by Nicole Walters. Friends, this course has not only been only a business changer but a life changer for me as well. Let me explain…

I first stumbled upon Nicole last summer on Periscope. She immediately caught my attention with her humor, transparency, and wisdom. She was dosing out loads of free and valuable content on business building and monetizing. Plus she had a simply magnetic personality that I was immediately drawn to. To my astonishment, Nicole quit her lucrative corporate job ON PERISCOPE and struck out on her own! Soon after that, $1K1Day was born. And would you believe that cycle one (which I joined) sold out in four minutes?! 

Meet Nicole Walters! She's the author of 1K1Day!

The content was fascinating to me. There was pre-work involved for everyone in the class to make sure we all started on the same page.

The course requires hard work but it’s so doable (even if you’re still in a 9-5 job). Nicole teaches every lesson in a step-by-step way that makes it easy to learn and implement. Plus, you get lifetime access to the course so you can work at your own pace and go back to it any time you wish.

While the information and techniques taught in the course are invaluable, the online community Nicole has created is priceless. I’ve been in other Facebook groups created by a leader who rarely, if ever, shows up to contribute. Nicole’s group of “Richfriends” (as we’re called) supports and encourages each other. But Nicole is in our group daily doing the same! I’ve never seen anything like it!

Nicole Walters, creator of $1K1Day!


•You will immediately get plugged into a mastermind network of “Richfriends” (business owners and bloggers like you on the same journey).

•You can submit questions about your business 24/7 and get advice and direction from the Richfriend community. 

• $1K1Day provides a concrete formula on how to structure your business in order to position yourself to earn $1K each day. 

• There are quantifiable, actionable tasks and assignments in the academy that yield immediate results. 

• Milestones and live calls are included in the teaching schedule so that students are motivated to stay on pace and complete the course. 

• $1K1Day teaches you how to go about making digital products.

• You learn the monetized mindset, and you start to understand what to monetize and how to monetize it.

• There’s lots of education about how much to charge and how to value the services you offer.


Each of these things has made a huge impact on my business and I’m SO excited you have the opportunity to join this academy and its community!


The $1K1Day Academy is designed to help business owners accomplish two things: 

• Form a winning mindset 
• Build multiple, online income streams 


The academy works best for these types of students: 

• Students who have a business idea they’ve yet to put into action.

• Students who have a business idea they’ve been working on, but are having trouble monetizing. 

• Students that have a functioning business and want to increase its growth and forward momentum. 

• Students who have a unique skill or niche area of expertise that they wish to turn into a product.


Nicole is launching cycle 4 of $1k1Day this week! On Thursday, June 23rd, the virtual doors to academy registration will open.

And I’m offering you a 40% discount off the registration price when you purchase through my affiliate link!

The course will most likely sell out quickly, so be sure to click my affiliate link here to pre-register. You’ll get news and updates the day the academy opens so you won’t miss out. 

And when you register for the course through me, I’m offering you three cool bonuses:

1. A complimentary, 1/2 hour, one-on-one consultation with ME to discuss tangible ways you can improve your blog and grow your brand!

2. Access to a free download of My Intentional Life planning system I created in the Spring. It includes simple tools, calendars and 45+ other printables to help you live a life with more intention and purpose

3. Free copy of my upcoming ebook How to Launch, Grow, & Monetize Your Brand.

I encourage you to get to know Nicole in the next few days. She’ll be sharing some amazing free content for your biz on her Periscope and Facebook  communities this week. Even if you decide not to enroll in  $1K1DAY, you’ll get incredible value from this free content.

I’m so blessed I can call Nicole my mentor and friend. Yes, I got to meet Nicole and work with her in person just a few months ago!

Nicole & Andrea at Act Like A Business Irvine!

If you have any questions about the $1k1Day Academy or my bonuses, please leave them in the comments below. I’ll get right back to ya!

My blog is monetized with MULTIPLE income streams. Is yours? Learn how I did it and you can too!


Andrea Tabler |


Andrea Tabler


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  1. Sounds good to me…I’m in! But I have to get my blog started. I now have my name, my host, and ready to start as soon as my designer gets it “prettied up” so I can present it to the public!

  2. I’m so glad I got a chance to learn about this course. And of course it’s always fun to get together with you. I’m not sure if it will work for me this time around, but thanks for the opportunity.

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