Health and Fitness Hacks for Busy Women

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Tom and I no longer have children at home, but we find we are just as busy as ever! I started the new year with a commitment to be more fit and healthy in 2017, but busy-ness has definitely gotten in the way.

So, what’s a busy woman to do? I’ve spent the past week on our boat in San Diego (with the puppies!) mulling over some simple things I can do to stay on task — whether I’m at home or away — when it comes to my health and fitness goals. I think my ideas might help you, too!

Get my Health and Fitness Hacks to stay on track this year!

1) Set measurable goals and track progress.

This is a biggie for me. When I see inches lost and muscle gained, I’m more motivated to make healthy choices in my diet. (Why is it all or nothing for me? When I exercise, I eat right. When I don’t exercise, I’ll eat anything I want!).

It’s important to know where you are when you start and then where you want to be at a specified time later. I think six weeks is a great goal time period to start with. I’ve created a free printable to record goals, measurements, a reward incentive, before and after photos, and more. Go here to download yours!

FREE PRINTABLE! Keep track of all your health and fitness goals.

2) Add small workout increments into your day.

On my busiest days (the ones when I can’t possibly spend an hour or more working out), I’m determined to get moving, even for just a short while. This can mean doing squats while I blow-dry my hair. The point is to do SOMETHING. I’ve recently found an app that has been really helpful in this. It’s called Seven, and it takes you through a seven-minute full body workout that requires no equipment. It’s perfect for busy days!

3) Enjoy a green smoothie every day. 

A green smoothie each day is one way I stay on track with health and fitness!

This is such an easy way to get the nutrients I need. When I’m busy, I’m much less likely to create a yummy salad. My green smoothie ensures I’m still getting those important fruits and veggies into my diet.

4) Take advantage of the outdoor opportunities specific to where you live.

Here in San Diego, our boat is in the marina behind the convention center. One of my favorite ways to exercise here is walking up the 100 steps to the top! Downtown is on the other side of the stairs, so when I’m going grocery shopping or running errands downtown, I go up the stairs and down the other side instead of going around (which is oh, so tempting every time!)

I also take time to stroll with the puppies on the boardwalk. I get more steps in, and the pups get their exercise, too. 😉

5) Plan ahead and prep meals for the week.

I used to pull all my veggies out to chop every time I’d make a salad. Now I realize I’m so much more likely to eat a salad for lunch or dinner if everything is already chopped and I can throw it all on a plate. Plus this gives me more time to do things I want or need to accomplish. Another thing I do frequently is to grill chicken, fish, and flank steak on Sunday night. Then, I just need to sauté some (pre-chopped) veggies and heat up the meat each day for lunch and dinner.

6) Have healthy snacks on hand, especially on the go.

For me, this usually means having hummus, baby carrots and cut vegetables in the fridge.

I’ve recently found a new product that is one of my favorite snacks to keep on hand: Special K® Nourish and Special K® Protein, both of which are available as bars and bites. They make a great mid-morning or afternoon snack, and I make sure to tuck them into my purse before I head out the door.

And they have been so handy for snacking on the boat this past week!

The Bars:

Special K® has two different kinds of bars, Nourish and Protein. Nourish has unique, on-trend flavor combinations that are so good! Protein is also extremely flavorful, plus each bar has eight grams of protein. My personal favorites are the Caramel Pretzel Cashew and the Chocolate Almond. 

The Bites:

I love these little bite-sized nibbles of goodness! So easy to grab when cravings come calling. My favorite is the Dark Chocolate Pistachio, and I got the husband Peanut Butter Chocolate for his after-dinner chocolate fix.

You can find the Special K® Nourish and Special K Protein bars and bites at Target. Just look for the healthy snacks aisle; they will be with nutrition bars.

Want some more yummy Kellogg’s inspiration? Go here!

Okay friends… I’m DOIN’ this! It’s time to get out the measuring tape, chop up some veggies, schedule time for exercise, and stick some snacks in my purse. This is my year to get more fit. How about you?

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