10 Keys to a Lasting Marriage

  Tomorrow, the love of my life and I will celebrate 28 years of marriage. How can this be? We still feel like we are in our twenties. But, no, it’s our children who are in their twenties. That puts 28 years in perspective. Together we’ve raised two boys, adults now, with great careers and loving, beautiful (inside and out) brides. Patrick and Shandi have been married for two years. Trevor and Rachel just two months. What values do we {Read More}

God’s Plans vs. My Plans

God’s Plans vs. My Plans… goodness, I have so much room to improve in this area! But it is my heart’s desire to follow his ways, not mine. Why is it often so difficult to follow God’s plans instead of my own? I think it’s a daily struggle for almost all of us, over things both big and small. I know in my heart that God’s plan is always best. I’ve seen it time and time again in my 51 years {Read More}

God’s Guidance for Difficult Days

You know the kind of day I’m referring to. You wake up and just feel “off,” or blue. Or it might be a day that starts out extremely ordinary, but a sequence of events changes everything. It’s so easy to lose perspective on those difficult days. I’m a praying kind of woman, but prayer sometimes doesn’t come naturally in the midst of difficulties. I’m more likely to stew over my circumstances or try to fix the “un-fixable” on my own. {Read More}

Sneak Peek of the Wedding of Trevor & Rachel!

So you may have noticed that you haven’t seen many posts from Tabler Party of Two during the month of May. There’s a very good reason! My handsome, youngest son, Trevor, married the girl of his dreams, Rachel, this past Sunday. I was blessed beyond words to coordinate this event with Rachel, and things got pretty crazy the last three weeks! Both she and I got very little sleep and our heads were spinning most of the time. Would I {Read More}

7 Bible Verses That Bless Bloggers

Are there bible verses for bloggers? You bet there are! The bible is full of wisdom and encouragement for everything a blogger does, day in and day out. I, for one, want my work to align with God’s work, whether I’m blogging about style, entertaining, travel or anything else! How about you? If you want a dose of encouragement from the Lord regarding your commitment to — and passion for — blogging, then read these seven bible verses that bless bloggers… words {Read More}

Why Date Night Matters + a Desert Date Night Giveaway

  Whether you have been married five years or 25+ years like me, you’ve probably wondered if date night is really all that important. YES, date night matters! No matter how long you’ve been married. And especially if you are in the midst of raising kids. I know, it can seem like one more thing you “ought” to do, like a chore. Yet it’s so important to the health of your marriage! Of course, I know that isn’t a new flash {Read More}