Slaying the Giant in My Life

2017 was my year of battle. And I faced more than one. In October, I shared a post with you about my unwanted journey for which I was now grateful. Yes, my bout with depression was indeed a journey. But I now realize it was more than that. I was on a journey through unfamiliar territory, facing a new BATTLE every few months. From discouragement to depression to anxiety to physical pain and finally to victory. Or so I thought, when I wrote about my {Read More}

An Unwanted Journey for Which I’m Now Grateful (Plus Where I’ve Been Lately!)

You may have noticed I’ve been “gone” for most of the year. I’ve been on a long journey. This is my story.   For my entire adult life, I’ve been a glass-half-full kind of gal. Being positive, optimistic and happy comes, quite honestly, naturally for me. And why wouldn’t it? I truly live a charmed life. (And I have a Facebook page that proves it, right? 😉)  Adoring, loving, handsome, fun husband and best friend. Two incredible, loving, 20-something sons who make me proud and {Read More}

My Secret to Productivity During The Holidays

I know… we all start thinking about organization and productivity on about, well, yeah… January 1st! But NOVEMBER and DECEMBER? I find that these two months can suck my productivity in a way I don’t find to be true any other months of the year! Exercise? Forget it. Time daily in God’s word? Sometimes. Keeping on track with my goals and daily to-do list? Um… probably not.  You see, so many things are competing for my attention during the holiday {Read More}

Back-To-School Supplies for Moms!

Back to School Supplies for Moms… a few goodies every mom needs! It’s that time of year when moms scurry about helping the kids find their supplies… praying it can all be taken care of at one store. (Which NEVER happens, right?!) The first store will inevitably be out of green pens (you only need one, of course) or it doesn’t have the exact folders your darling daughter had in mind. 🙂 I was just pondering… how about Back to School {Read More}

30 Days of Marriage Prayers Challenge

30 Days of Marriage Prayers — Join the challenge and watch what happens! It’s so hard to believe that it’s been a year since the wedding of my youngest, Trevor, to his precious bride, Rachel. He knew almost from the moment he met her that she was the girl of his dreams, his soul mate for life. Goodness, look at his face when he caught his first glimpse of her walking down the aisle to him on his wedding day!My {Read More}

My Secret to Living Life with More Intention & Purpose

My journey to living an intentional life! Just a few, short, months ago, I found myself feeling frustrated at the end of most days — especially on Fridays, as the work week ended. I would start each week with specific goals and intentions, but I consistently felt there wasn’t enough time to achieve what was most important to me.  So I took a good, long look at my life and whether I was living out my life priorities. And the answer was NO! {Read More}