They’ve Left the Nest Again!

It’s official. After a summer with Trevor and his fiance, Rachel, in our new California home, we are Tabler Party of Two once again. They pulled out just moments ago after lots of hugs and selfies with us and the dogs. And, of course, prayers for protection as they drive for two long days back to Texas. It’s a bittersweet day. Bitter because it marks the last time any Tabler children will live under our roof for an extended amount {Read More}

6 Ingredients To The Most Romantic Vacation Ever!

Need a romantic vacation or even weekend getaway? Here are six ways to make it a success! T and I just returned from the most romantic vacation! At a silent auction in Cancun last year, we bid on a trip to Secrets Resort in Huatulco, Mexico. I know… you’ve probably never heard of it. We hadn’t either. And, we had no idea what an amazing vacation spot this would turn out to be! Want to plan your own romantic and relaxing vacation? {Read More}

Three Months, Two Terriers and a Hotel

The biggest adventure T and I have had in years began last December 1st when we packed our two pups in our Ford F150 (that’s them above!) and headed from our beloved San Antonio to the California desert. Indian Wells, to be precise. We left behind our eldest, Patrick, and his precious wife, Shandi, our best friends, the church we loved, the beautiful home where we had raised our kids and more. This was hard stuff! In the weeks leading {Read More}

The Adventure Begins: Tabler Party Of Two

Welcome to Tabler Party of Two! This is Tom and me dancing to our favorite Texas band, Two Tons of Steel, at Gruene Hall (yes, we are sweating profusely… no AC in the oldest dance hall in Texas!) The date was August 16, 2011. We had officially become empty nesters two hours earlier, and we decided to have fun and celebrate! Now we are three years down the road, and we are still celebrating, still having fun. We are happy {Read More}