10 Ways to Make the Best of the Empty Nest

Entering the empty nest phase of life can be heart-wrenching, liberating or a little bit of both. You can spend the next 20 years in a routine of working and watching T.V. Or, you can choose to make the best of your empty nest! The best way to do this is to start BEFORE the nest is empty. Think about ways you and your spouse can life purposely and with great joy and adventure once the kiddos are dropped off at their {Read More}

Fall Tablescape for Two

FALL TABLESCAPE FOR TWO What better way to usher in the cooler evenings of the Fall than a romantic dinner for two on the patio? This is part of the joys of empty nest life! I am happiest when I’m creating. And pulling together a tablescape is like creating a piece of art for me. Oh, the simple joys of life! The summer flowers are still hanging in there. I picked a few roses and zinnias and placed in mason {Read More}

Best of Summer 2015

Oh my GOODNESS! I can’t believe it’s the last day of August. This summer flew by! I know that for many of you, this means back to the hustle and bustle of school days. I hope and pray your transition this year is a smooth one!  I am personally very excited that summer has (unofficially, of course) come to a close. Could it be that cooler days will be coming soon? Yup. Even here in the desert, high temps will {Read More}

J.Crew Giveaway!

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend! We heard that temperatures here in Palm Desert would soar up to near 120 degrees, so we headed up the mountain! We loaded the VW van (our camper of sorts) with the two pups and made our way to Idyllwild. It was WONDERFUL! If you are ever in the area, it’s a beautiful place to camp, hike and picnic. We just got back home. You can imagine from the looks of our furry {Read More}

Is Your Nest About to Be Empty?

It’s that time of year again… College freshmen packing up, ready to move into the dorm at the school they’ve been daydreaming about all summer long. The excitement is growing. Adventure and fun await! But then there are mom and dad, left staring at each other in the empty nest. How did this happen? What shall we do? For some couples, the void in the empty nest can feel huge.  Suffocating. Like a black hole that might just swallow them up.  But {Read More}

The Bucket List, Part Two

About a month ago, I shared the story of Pumbaa, our precious Cairn Terrier who has been a part of the Tabler Family for 11 years. He’s the most cheerful, fun-loving, adventurous dog you’ll ever meet! Unfortunately, we learned a few months ago that he has untreatable cancer. So how can we show our love and celebrate our sweet furry family member? Take him adventures, of course! This is part two in the series sharing Pumbaa’s bucket list. In part {Read More}