Is Your Nest About to Be Empty?

It’s that time of year again… College freshmen packing up, ready to move into the dorm at the school they’ve been daydreaming about all summer long. The excitement is growing. Adventure and fun await! But then there are mom and dad, left staring at each other in the empty nest. How did this happen? What shall we do? For some couples, the void in the empty nest can feel huge.  Suffocating. Like a black hole that might just swallow them up.  But {Read More}

The Bucket List, Part Two

About a month ago, I shared the story of Pumbaa, our precious Cairn Terrier who has been a part of the Tabler Family for 11 years. He’s the most cheerful, fun-loving, adventurous dog you’ll ever meet! Unfortunately, we learned a few months ago that he has untreatable cancer. So how can we show our love and celebrate our sweet furry family member? Take him adventures, of course! This is part two in the series sharing Pumbaa’s bucket list. In part {Read More}

The Bucket List

  Tom and I recently learned that our beloved, 11-year-old Cairn Terrier, Pumbaa, has cancer. It’s really not treatable because it’s in his nasal passage and has already spread into the bone. We are simply devastated. Pumbaa is the perky, cheerful, adventurous peacekeeper of the Tabler family. He’s also fearless and would go after a dog three or four times his size to “protect” us. He is ever patient with his brother, Rowdie, and all his silly antics. He has even allowed {Read More}

Sneak Peek of the Wedding of Trevor & Rachel!

So you may have noticed that you haven’t seen many posts from Tabler Party of Two during the month of May. There’s a very good reason! My handsome, youngest son, Trevor, married the girl of his dreams, Rachel, this past Sunday. I was blessed beyond words to coordinate this event with Rachel, and things got pretty crazy the last three weeks! Both she and I got very little sleep and our heads were spinning most of the time. Would I {Read More}

A Sailor at Heart!

I spent many of my childhood and teen-year weekends boating on the Ouachita River and on Bayou Desiard in my hometown of Monroe, Louisiana. We fished, skied, tubed, and just cruised on the smooth-as-glass southern waters. Just after graduating from college, I joined a friend in a sailing regatta in Arkansas. And that’s when I knew I was truly a sailor at heart! (Or at least a boater of some sort, as it turned out to be). I moved from the {Read More}

Coachella 2015 for the 45+ Crowd

One of the most amazing aspects of living in the Palm Springs area is the diverse array of special events, shows and festivals. When it’s not blazing hot, there’s an event for almost everybody on any given weekend. This week finds the Coachella Valley in the middle of week one and week two of the Coachella Music Festival, one of the biggest events in the desert. Tom and I ventured into the unknown (for us) territory of modern music festivals at {Read More}