Slaying the Giant in My Life

2017 was my year of battle. And I faced more than one. In October, I shared a post with you about my unwanted journey for which I was now grateful. Yes, my bout with depression was indeed a journey. But I now realize it was more than that. I was on a journey through unfamiliar territory, facing a new BATTLE every few months. From discouragement to depression to anxiety to physical pain and finally to victory. Or so I thought, when I wrote about my {Read More}

A Merry Yacht Life and Mistletoe Mojitos!

A Merry Yacht Life and Mistletoe Mojitos!   It’s been just over a year since Tom and I purchased our humble but adorable “yacht” in San Diego. She’s a 35-foot, 1983 Bayliner cabin cruiser, and we aptly christened her Sea Y’all! in homage to my southern roots and our many years in Texas! Y’ALL!!! It’s SO MUCH FUN living the yacht life in San Diego! So much fun, in fact, that we make the two and a half hour drive {Read More}

An Unwanted Journey for Which I’m Now Grateful (Plus Where I’ve Been Lately!)

You may have noticed I’ve been “gone” for most of the year. I’ve been on a long journey. This is my story.   For my entire adult life, I’ve been a glass-half-full kind of gal. Being positive, optimistic and happy comes, quite honestly, naturally for me. And why wouldn’t it? I truly live a charmed life. (And I have a Facebook page that proves it, right? 😉)  Adoring, loving, handsome, fun husband and best friend. Two incredible, loving, 20-something sons who make me proud and {Read More}

Desert Trip: Two Epic Weekends of Rock ‘n Roll!

Desert Trip was indeed an epic experience! Read on to find out why. I just experienced a grand blessing. Not one, but two incredible weekends experiencing rock ‘n roll’s best, right in my own backyard of the California Coachella Valley. Honestly, the only thing that could be better than attending weekend one of Desert Trip was to experience it all over again a week later.  One thing that amazes me is that this entire music festival was virtually conceived of, launched {Read More}

Dog Friendly Guide to Monterey County

We love adventures with our furry friends! You’ll find this Dog Friendly Guide to Monterey County your perfect companion piece when it’s time for your own adventure to the California Central Coast. We love adventures with our pups. Especially since we moved to California three years ago! We arrived with our Cairn Terrier, Pumbaa, and our Westie, Rowdie.   Pumbaa crossed the rainbow bridge last year, and Rosie — another Cairn — joined our family. We’ve had so many adventures with all three! {Read More}

Adventures in Santa Monica | Tabler Party of Two

Adventures in Santa Monica Last week, the Palm Springs area where I live experienced an all-time record high for June of 122°. Seriously? That’s simply crazy. Since the hubs was going away on a business trip all week, I packed up Rosie and Rowdie and headed to the coast! Though the temperature in LA reached well over 100° in some areas, it was quite pleasant at our home away from home for the week… the Wyndham Santa Monica at the Pier {Read More}