Explode Your Pageviews with Pinterest

Are you getting a huge amount of traffic from Pinterest? If not, take these simple steps today!   The holidays are upon us and that is VERY good news for any brand that shares holiday content. You are in a position to DRASTICALLY increase your blog’s monthly pageviews in the next 60 days. And the good news is… your pageview increase will last long after the holidays. It may dip back down in January, but your new “low” will be {Read More}

Summer Reading List for Entrepreneurs

Summer Reading List for Entrepreneurs Today, I’m thrilled to be heading to Orange County for my second annual Marketing Impact Academy Live Event by Chalene Johnson. It’s going to be an awesome few days of learning and implementing powerful ideas into my biz as well as getting to know fellow entrepreneurs! {Yes, I get to head to the coast for this event, for the 4th week in a row! This girl knows how to escape the Palm Desert heat. :)} {Read More}

How to Monetize Your Blog Through Sponsored Posts

Learn How to Monetize Your Blog Through Sponsored Posts! Did you know that if you have a blog and a combined social media following of 2,500+, YOU could monetize your blog with sponsored posts from Linqia? I’ve been working on Linqia campaigns for over a year and a half, and it’s my favorite way to work with brands. WHAT KIND OF BRANDS DO I WORK WITH THROUGH LINQIA? I’m currently working on two campaigns with national brands and the potential of making {Read More}

How I Monetized My Blog with Multiple Income Streams

In 2016 I was able to monetize my blog with multiple streams of income, all because of  $1K1Day!  When I started blogging almost two years ago, I dreamed of building a business — not a hobby. I had no mentor, no roadmap. I faithfully wrote and posted several times a week, and three months into the adventure, I was asked to write my first sponsored post! I was thrilled, and I still am each time I receive such an opportunity. But {Read More}

How to Start a Blog

Have you wanted to start a blog? Follow this step-by-step guide and hit “publish” today for AS LOW AS $2.95 a month! I frequently meet people who want to start a blog or an online business. Several have now launched a blog, but many others never do. Is it because of fear? Technical challenges? Not enough time to figure it all out? Or a little bit of each of those? I hope I can help anyone with a heart to share their passion, ideas and/or {Read More}

Want to Start a Blog? 5 Things to Consider First!

Ready to start your blog NOW? Visit: How to Start a Blog… A Step by Step Guide! I frequently meet people who want to start a blog or online business, but only a small percentage of those individuals actually do. I think that’s because the world of blogging is so gigantic in its possibilities that people are intimidated about how to start and what to write about. But here’s a fact: even though there are thousands and thousands of bloggers generating massive {Read More}