Manners with Mema

Sometime in the mid 1950s, my grandmother, Nancy Helm Weaks, self published a book: Dig These Crazy Manners! I don’t believe I ever saw it while she was still alive. Instead I found it as I sifted through the mementos of her life well lived after her funeral eight years ago. This little book is a GEM! Not only was Mema a clever writer and an expert on impeccable manners, she was also an illustrator and had beautiful handwriting. Mema {Read More}

Two-Ingredient Paleo Banana Pancakes

The paleo diet. You may be thinking it’s not for you because of its restrictions of grains, sugar and dairy. But you might be surprised by how a little creativity can lead to very satisfying meals! Though I don’t have a big problem adhering to the plan, I sometimes get in an egg rut in the morning. Enter the two-ingredient paleo banana pancake that is also gluten-free goodness! These pancakes are super easy to make. For two large pancakes, simply {Read More}

The First 30 Days

One month ago today, I officially launched Tabler Party of Two. What a fulfilling and fun journey it’s been so far! When God gives you a dream and a passion, well, that’s what I call an amazing blessing. During this first month of the blog, the Tabler empty nesters have been on quite a few adventures. Here’s are some of the highlights of the first 30 days here at Tabler Party of Two. The launch of the blog was the same {Read More}

White Sangria with Mint and Serrano

Happy Labor Day, friends! Hope you’re doing something fun. We are having some friends over. Grilling burgers and artichokes. What better drink to go with a barbeque than white sangria? I make several different sangria recipes. But this one is my FAVORITE! So easy, light and refreshing. Perfect for a warm Labor Day! And… it’s a crowd pleaser, for sure. Here’s all it takes to make this tasty concoction: Finely slice nectarine, apple, mint and serrano pepper. Add raspberries. Combine {Read More}

Spicy Paleo Crackers

I’m trying to follow the paleo diet. And for the most part, I really enjoy it! I love meat, vegetables, eggs, nuts and fruit. But I do miss the crunch of crackers. Especially when the husband breaks out his cracker du jour after work (Carrs, Triscuits, Wheat Thins… all weaknesses of mine). I decided to create a cracker I can enjoy, guilt free! And so my Spicy Paleo Crackers recipe was born. They turned out quite tasty and fulfilling! Plus {Read More}

Could You Have a (Spiritual) Cone on Your Head?

Could YOU Have a (Spiritual) Cone on Your Head? I sure have before! Poor Pumbaa. He had surgery to remove a benign tumor two weeks ago. He has hobbled around on his bandaged leg for days, and he has been heeling quite nicely. Yesterday, I took him to the vet to have his staples removed. The little guy had staples all the way from his paw to his shoulders. When they brought him out to me, I was quite shocked to {Read More}