27 Ways to Bless and Encourage Your Husband

Tommy and I just celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary. Yes, T W E N T Y – S E V E N! That’s a lot of years of living, learning and adventure! We’ve certainly had our ups and downs; in fact, there have been times we may have been tempted to throw in the towel. Thankfully we said vows not only to each other, but also to God. And we don’t take vows to our Creator lightly. One way we {Read More}

Must-Have Items For Your Beach Vacation!

The handsome T and I will be heading to the beach in Mexico in just a few short days! I’m busy thinking of all I need to pack so I won’t be missing anything important while I’m there. I especially want to make sure that I’m prepared to take care of my skin! The years I spent in the sun without protection have caught up with me, and now I take the matter VERY seriously! I also want to make sure I {Read More}

Refreshing Spring Cocktail: Grapefruit Basil Spritzer

My future daughter-in-law and I have been working to master this perfect spring cocktail. It all started when my neighbor Nikki brought me about two dozen grapefruits from the tree in her yard. I was eating them for breakfast and snacks, but, quite frankly, they were overtaking my refrigerator, and I had to figure out what to do with them! And so Rachel and I made our first Summer Grapefruit Spritzer with freshly squeezed grapefruit. AMAZING! Today we decided to {Read More}

Three Months, Two Terriers and a Hotel

The biggest adventure T and I have had in years began last December 1st when we packed our two pups in our Ford F150 (that’s them above!) and headed from our beloved San Antonio to the California desert. Indian Wells, to be precise. We left behind our eldest, Patrick, and his precious wife, Shandi, our best friends, the church we loved, the beautiful home where we had raised our kids and more. This was hard stuff! In the weeks leading {Read More}

The Adventure Begins: Tabler Party Of Two

Welcome to Tabler Party of Two! This is Tom and me dancing to our favorite Texas band, Two Tons of Steel, at Gruene Hall (yes, we are sweating profusely… no AC in the oldest dance hall in Texas!) The date was August 16, 2011. We had officially become empty nesters two hours earlier, and we decided to have fun and celebrate! Now we are three years down the road, and we are still celebrating, still having fun. We are happy {Read More}