Crazy Good Cilantro Grilled Chicken

Tom and I love chicken. But not bland chicken. So I’m always on the lookout for a quick, flavorful marinade that delivers left-over worthy chicken. This is one of my faves: Crazy Good Cilantro Grilled Chicken. And what could go better with this great recipe than asparagus risotto and artichokes? Nom nom nom! I boil the artichokes and spend like 5 minutes on the risotto while Tom grills the chicken. I love cooking meals that have a division of labor! Here’s how {Read More}

3 Ideas to Add More Thankful to Thanksgiving

I am all about holidays. Especially Thanksgiving. Decorating the table. The smell of roasting turkey. Football on in the background. Eating my very favorite comfort foods with my favorite people. The scent of pumpkin pie. The list goes on. Long ago I decided to make a thoughtful effort to add more thankful to Thanksgiving each year. After all, we have so much for which to be grateful… why not share it on Thanksgiving? 3 Ideas to Add More Thankful to {Read More}

Fifty, Not Frumpy, Friday

I’m no fashion expert, but I know I feel more confident when I put some thought into what I wear. Fifty, not frumpy, is my style motto! California didn’t get the memo that fall arrived a few weeks ago. I want to dress in autumn colors but it’s certainly not time for sleeves, scarves or sweaters! I set out last week to find some inexpensive additions to my wardrobe that look like fall but feel like summer. A quick trip {Read More}

Five Easy Fall Decorating Ideas

This week I’ve been feeling artsy. So what did I do?  I came up with five easy fall decorating ideas that I was able to use throughout my home. I hope you’ll be inspired to make your own home reflect this beautiful season! Each of these projects took less than an hour from start to finish. First I’ll show you the steps to make each creation, and then I’ll show you how it all looks in in my home. 1. {Read More}

This Ain’t Glamping, Folks!

We used to be campers. It started when the kids were little, probably around 1995. Patrick was 6 and Trevor was 3. (Ah… next year they will be 26 and 23!) Back then we used a tent. These pictures were taken on our very first camping trip in Colorado. No glamping here! Honestly, I’m more of a hotel girl. Or at least glamping! Soon after our tent camping days, T’s dad gave us a cute little travel trailer. It was {Read More}

Fifty, Not Frumpy, Friday

Whoever said fifty had to look frumpy? I will never be frumpy. Just sayin’. I believe that each woman has a style that is unique to her. And as long as it’s tasteful, she can embrace it as she ages. I like to dress comfortably and stylish. Those who know me best know that, as a creative type, I awake each day and enjoy the process of picking what I will wear. It’s one of my favorite parts of the {Read More}