Holiday Leftovers Enchiladas: Three Ways

Here are three amazing recipes for your holiday leftovers… Holiday Leftovers Enchiladas are the best! Ah… holiday leftovers! It’s always fun to create some amazing dish with the remnants of the feast! More often than not, I make turkey and sausage gumbo. But this year, I was having a dinner party for 20 family members the day after Thanksgiving, and I decided I wanted everything to fit on one plate. I contemplated what to do with my turkey and quickly decided {Read More}

Crowd-Pleasing Cajun Cornbread Stuffing

One of my favorite holiday menu items is my Cajun Cornbread Stuffing. I’m not much of a stuffing fan in general, but this… THIS I can eat all by itself. It’s SOOOOO good. But what recipe that calls for both spicy sausage and yellow cornbread (not the sweet kind!) wouldn’t be amazing? To reduce cooking stress on the holiday itself, I get as much of this recipe done as possible a day or two beforehand. I cook the cornbread and {Read More}

What I Wore and Blog Hop Co-Host

  A very warm day outdoors and a very small kitchen indoors on Thanksgiving Day meant what I wore would need to be something cool! AND comfortable. For the “cool” part, I selected a short-sleeved animal print top and a fun faux leather skirt. For the “comfortable” part, I dismissed the idea of wearing ankle booties with heals for my good ole black cowgirl boots. Oh, how I’ve missed them! My daughter in law, Shandi, pinned my hair back and {Read More}

Christmas Reflections and Cash Giveaway

December is here; can you believe it? After entertaining all week, we pulled out our white Christmas tree we bought for our hotel room last year. And on Saturday night, we celebrated Christmas with Patrick and Shandi who were here for Thanksgiving. I remember the crazy Christmases past when the kids were little. We would be up all hours of the night on Christmas Eve, wrapping and assembling toys. On Christmas morning, we would gather around the fire place, open {Read More}

A Tabler Thanksgiving Tablescape | Tabler Party of Two

Thanksgiving Tablescape Inspiration! Yesterday was a beautiful Thanksgiving Day in Palm Desert! Our first at the new Casa Tabler. The temperature was in the low 80s but cooled to the 70s by our serving time, so we enjoyed an outdoor Thanksgiving feast! And thanks to this checklist, I was able to plan in advance, organize, and make sure the day was stress free! I love making a beautiful Thanksgiving tablescape. I pulled out the Thankful Thanksgiving tablecloths that we started writing thanks {Read More}

Three Reasons I’m Thankful This Thanksgiving

We have so many reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving. Here are my top three. 1. Family is arriving!  Kids, siblings, parents, cousins, nieces, aunts and uncles! Not all of any of those categories, but a wonderful mix of many we love. One major perk that came with relocating to California is the plethora of family members just a couple hours away. Many in our family came through my dad’s second marriage. Can I just say we are blessed? So many families struggle with {Read More}