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Adventures in Santa Monica

Last week, the Palm Springs area where I live experienced an all-time record high for June of 122°. Seriously? That’s simply crazy. Since the hubs was going away on a business trip all week, I packed up Rosie and Rowdie and headed to the coast! Wyndham Santa Monica at the Pier... the perfect location on the coast! TablerPartyOfTwo.comThough the temperature in LA reached well over 100° in some areas, it was quite pleasant at our home away from home for the week… the Wyndham Santa Monica at the Pier located right across from the beach, grassy parks, and more activities than you can imagine. Before my trip, I called the hotel to inquire if they were pet friendly. I loved the response I got… She said that of course they are, as long as I followed a few rules and allowed the staff to cuddle with the puppies. Now this is my kinda hotel!

Wyndham Santa Monica at the Pier... the ultimate pet-friendly hotel!

Front desk clerk Samantha made fast friends with Rosie and Rowdie upon our arrival. 🙂 Then we headed to see the ocean.

Fun times in Santa Monica!

My plan for the week included many work projects. But I wanted the pups to have fun, too! They don’t get out for many strolls during the summer in Palm Desert. By 7 or 8 a.m., it’s already too hot! So we went on lots of long walks throughout the week. 

Santa Monica fun!

And we made lots of new friends everywhere we went.

Making friends in Santa Monica.

Rosie loves to hear herself talk. I quickly learned what would start a barking frenzy in the city (besides other dogs… which automatically set off her bark alarm). We don’t bark much at people. Unless they are on a scooter, pushing a stroller, on a skateboard, pulling an ice chest, or bouncing a basketball. ALL those things set Rosie off. And did I mention she has the most shrill bark of any dog I’ve ever met? 🙁

Miss Rose... my darling Cairn Terrier.

We lounged in the park.

Watching the waves at the pier.

They saw their first waves.

Icecream on the pier!

We even enjoyed ice cream on the pier!

Pooped pups

And then, of course, there was lots of napping in between our walks. So many sights and sounds wore my puppies out!

Beautiful Santa Monica!

The weather was absolutely GORGEOUS all week!

Most days, I had working breakfasts and lunches. The hotel served yummy food from their breakfast bar and kitchen. 

Working breakfast

I spent most of my lunches at one of my very fave restaurants ever. To my delight, there was a True Food Kitchen right across the street from the hotel!

One of my fave restaurants ever! True Food Kitchen.

The adjacent mall offered free wifi, so it was the perfect lunch spot. I ordered the same salad three days in a row! It’s SOOOOO good. The Spring Vegetable Salad. Speaking of which, you’ll see my own version of this healthy masterpiece on the blog soon!

Spring Vegetable Salad... my FAVORITE! It's at the True Food Kitchen.

I love their tubs of herbs and vegetables out front.

Fresh herbs and veggies growing out front at the True Food Kitchen

Adorable, right?

The Wyndham Santa Monica is in the perfect SoCal location… walking distance to all kinds of amazing restaurants, shops, and, of course, the beach and the pier.

Wyndham Santa Monica... the ultimate location across from the pier!

I love the updated, modern lobby that was my office for most of the week. 

Lobby of Wydham Santa Monica at the Pier. Lovely!

And the pool was nice and quiet… the perfect escape from the busy-ness of Santa Monica.

The lovely pool at the Wyndham Santa Monica.

Our room was super nice and comfy. The kids were thrilled with our accommodations. 🙂

Pooped Rosie!

Rowdie loves the hotel life.

Sleepy Rowdie in our room.

When she wasn’t napping, Miss Rose had a favorite look out spot where she could monitor the humans and pets in the adjacent park.

Cute little Rosie, my readhead

We loved our Santa Monica adventure! Great hotel. Colorful city. Perfection location. Rosie, Rowdie, and I can’t WAIT to go back!

Santa Monica Pier with pups! TablerPartyOfTwo.comxoxo,

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Andrea Tabler


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Super fun adventures in Santa Monica!