Well hello! And welcome to Tabler Party of Two! I’m Andrea Tabler, lifestyle blogger, business builder and author of the My Intentional Life plan. I’m so glad you stopped by to visit my website and blog. 

My Texas style that I get to enjoy once a year in CA at the Stagecoach Music Festival! -TablerPartyOfTwo.com

My Texas style that I get to enjoy once a year in CA at the Stagecoach Music Festival!

Here at TablerPartyOfTwo.com, I provide bloggers and entrepreneurs with the skills and tools to live a life with more intention and purpose so that they can strategically reach their goals. Once their intentional plan is established, I help them to build, grow and monetize their online business.

I started Tabler Party of Two in August, 2014, without a shred of knowledge about blogging or social media. I taught myself along the way, immersing myself in webinars, books and podcasts. I first monetized my blog three months into the journey, and throughout the first year, I averaged about 6,000 pageviews a month. Then came late October of 2015 when I employed a new Pinterest strategy.

I had no idea how things were about to change! 

In November my pageviews reached almost 80,000. In December that number skyrocketed to 150,000! 

Tabler Party Of Two Stats... I skyrocketed from 5,000 pageviews a month to 150,000 a month in 60 days! Tabler Party of Two | TablerPartyOfTwo.com

I knew the numbers where, in large part, due to seasonal content during the holidays and that the numbers would fall in January. They did indeed start to fall in January. But to my delight, my pageviews still average over 50,000 a month in the first quarter of 2016. And those numbers have held even though I have posted only a fraction of the number of blogs I was posting in 2015. (I drastically — but temporarily — cut back on the number of blogs I posted in early 2016 so that I could focus on some important goals for my website.)

Soon I will be sharing the strategy I used to make all that happen!

When I’m not working with entrepreneurs, you can find me in the kitchen, whipping up something delish and (usually) healthy, or creating a seasonal, easy-to-make craft or diy project. I’m a girl who loves style, entertaining, decorating and sharing my faith stories and empty nest adventures on the blog.

I’ve been married to my amazing hubs, Tommy, for almost 30 years!

me and hubs

Celebrating one of our happiest days EVER, the nuptials of son #2!

We have two grown boys, Patrick and Trevor, who are both married to their dream girls (incidentally, Shandi and Rachel are both contributors to Tabler Party of Two). We are so proud of all four of them as they start on their life journeys together! Of course we eagerly await grand babies! 🙂

Family Wedding Photo

Our amazing sons and new daughters!

Tommy and I have made our empty nest season one of fun and adventure! We both love travel, camping, boating, sipping wine on dates and hanging out with family. Oh… and we LOVE our fur babies. Rosie, Rowdie and (RIP) Pumbaa.

Pumbaa and Rowdie

Pumbaa and Rowdie on their first hike in the desert.


10 Life Lessons I Learned From My Puppy

Meet our newest addition to the family, Rosie!

Just over two years ago, we left behind our cowboy boots, beloved home and friends of 13 years in San Antonio and relocated to the California desert, near Palm Springs, where the hubs is the General Manager of an awesome resort. There is never a dull moment here, and we love living amongst the palm trees and beautiful, burgundy mountains.

Quick Facts

-My favorite Bible verse on how to live my life is Philippians 4:8 — Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

-I was born and raised in Monroe, LA. One of my most life-shaping experiences was attending Culver Academies (a college-prep boarding school) in Culver, IN. 

-After getting my P.R. degree from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, I packed my little VW Jetta full of all my belongings and headed west (not knowing a soul!), landing in Newport Beach, CA. God would lead me to my future husband within weeks at a restaurant where he was a valet and I was a hostess!

-I’ve been blessed to spend the last 26 years providing businesses with marketing, advertising and graphic design solutions that make an impact. I love helping others achieve success!

-Prior to moving to the desert, I also spent eight years as Women’s Ministry Coordinator at CrossBridge Community Church in San Antonio, a role significant in shaping me into the woman and leader I am now.

-I’ve spent my entire career working from my home office. I LOVE being able to wear sweats or jammies to the “office” each day!

-One of my greatest joys in life is to create memorable events and occasions that make guests feel special and valued. My motto is “it’s all in the details”! So whether I’m helping to throw a unique wedding or just having another couple over for dinner, I love adding the little touches that delight my guests.

-Tabler Party of Two was born out of my desire to encourage women of all walks of life to embrace and savor each season. That is still my passion! So whether you are a young mom, a mama raising (enduring!) teenagers, a 50-year-old reinventing your career, or a woman in any other season of life, you’ll find stories to inspire you here at Tabler Party of Two!

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